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The Dolphin Project


The Dolphin Project was the pilot project for the first cultural exchange in the field of Contemporary Dance between Albania and Germany with the support of the "Deutsch-Albanische Kulturgesellschaft ROBERT SCHWARTZ" / Goethe Institut in May 2008.

The Dolphin Project was created for the Albanian Dance Theater Company and was a coninuation of the research to "2Solos" (2007).

Choreography: Katharina Maschenka Horn


Elton Cefa, Fatjon Sulstarova, Katharina Maschenka Horn

Advisor: Gjergj Prevazi

Music: Morton Feldman

Photos: Tristan Sherif

Photo for poster: Emilien Leonhardt

K A T H A R I N A  M A S C H E N K A  H O R N

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