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Photographer: Jutta Benzenberg (Germany)

Production Assistant: Erion Kumuria (Albania)

Moderator: Jetona Myteveli (Albania)

sponsored by: Goethe Institute Albania / Deutschtentrum Tirana, German Embassy Albania, UNDP Albania, UN Women Albania

with the support of: Ministry for Welfare and Youth (AL), Ministry of Culture (AL), Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte (D), Opera Tirana (AL), Mikser House Belgrade (SRB), Zagreb Dance Centre (HR), Experimental Theater "Kujtim Spahivogli" Tirana (AL), National Theater Tirana (AL)

Jam Burr'!? (The Real Man!?)


a dance and theater performance and ongoing research project about the cliché and the reality of the 'real' Balkan men. 


1. Phase: Tirana (AL) 2015

by Katharina Maschenka Horn

Performance / Collaboration: Andrea Dorian Rama (AL), Nemanja Mutić (BiH), Jan Novosel (HR), Katharina Maschenka Horn (D)

Music Arrangement: Jan Günther (DE)

Costumes: Don Aretino (DE/IDN)

K A T H A R I N A  M A S C H E N K A  H O R N

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