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Choreography & Dance: Katharina Maschenka Horn

Light: Felix Grimm

Music: Kurt Weill, Al Green, Falco and The Doors

Text: Felix Gasbarra, Katharina Maschenka Horn

Photos: Emilien Leonhardt & Frank Erler

For the trailer of the show, please click here

Created with the support of Art Lab Amsterdam (NL), Sogni (Gent, BE), Tanzhaus Köln Interim (DE) and Dock11 Berlin (DE). Premiered in November 2009 as part of a Double Bill Performance Evening with the Belgium Company Sogni/ choreographer Dieter Defurne.

In May 2010 an extract of Pigeonhole won the first prize in the U30 - Choreographen Wettbewerb of Tanzhaus Köln Interim (Köln, DE). In 2011, Pigeonhole was performed at the festival Albania Dance Meeting in Durres (AL) and at Dock11 (Berlin,DE). In 2012 Pigeonhole was part of Tanztage Berlin (DE).

K A T H A R I N A  M A S C H E N K A  H O R N

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